Screen Rooms, 3 and 4 Season Porch additions

Screen Rooms,3 and 4 Season Porch additions

Screen Rooms,Three and Four Season Porch

Adding a screen room, a three season or four season porch is one of the most popular home remodeling projects and can be a great way to add new space, update existing space, provide comfort and increase the value of your home.

The three season porch can be a great place to get away and read a book, add a little more space to relax and watch TV, or another way to enjoy spectacular and stunning outdoor views without the consequences of being outside in a hot humid (and mosquito-infested) summer day. The four-season porch provides many of the same amenities of the three-season porch while providing the homeowner year-round use. Can you imagine the beauty of sitting in a comfortable setting with a nice fireplace, while looking out through a new set of big windows on your four season porch on a cold Minnesota winter day? No feelings of being cooped up here!

Experienced Remodeling consultants

But there are more than just seasonal differences with three and four season porches and that’s where the expert remodeling consultants at Owner-Built can help you make the decision that fits your homes needs, goals and most of all, budget. Three season porches don’t typically need to meet the energy codes that four-season porches do. A four-season porch – in many cases considered the same as a new room addition, must meet window, insulation, wall, floor and ceiling code standards. It’s also going to require heating and insulation. Also known as sun rooms, the square-footage of a four-season porch can be included in the square-footage of your house when trying to sell or increase market value. You can’t do that with a three-season porch because it isn’t considered to have year round livability. But no matter what your goals are, a three or four season porch can add a classy, homey feeling addition to your existing property.

What’s best for you depends on your needs, budget and long-term goals. To learn more call the experts at Owner-Built at (612) 327-4686 for a free planning session with our highly qualified Minnesota remodeling experts.

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