Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling

Quality Basement remodels

A remodeled or finished basement can add space, personality, and value to your home.  And no matter how much room or space you have available, there are endless options when planning how to remodel, add-on or put the finishing touches on your existing basement space.

For some, basement remodeling is exciting because it adds a new lower level family room, a home office, additional bedroom(s), extra bathroom/shower, home theatre,  sports bar, game room or fitness/workout area.  For others, finishing a basement means updating an existing structure with sheetrock, putting in new carpet, adding hardwood floors, installing new lights, updating electrical, adding a new ceiling, increasing storage space, adding new insulation, waterproofing and more.

No matter what your basement remodel/finishing needs are, the experts at Owner-Built can help you streamline and manage your home improvement project.  If your basement is large, it can be overwhelming to try and manage/plan how to finish or remodel your basement.  If your space is small, you may underestimate the basement remodeling/finishing options that are best for your space.  By working with the expert Minnesota home remodelers at Owner-Built, we make your vision for remodeling or finishing your basement a reality.

How can we help?

We provide you cost-effective project support and educate you on how to make the best decision – and present a variety of basement remodeling/finishing options.  We match you with the home remodelers or subcontractors you need to help finish your project within budget and to your expectations and satisfaction.

Why Should You Remodel or Finish Your Basement?

A remodeled basement in the Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods can add the extra space or amenities that can benefit everyone in your household. It can improve your home’s market value and modernize or update your existing living space.
By working with Owner-Built to complete your basement remodeling or finishing project, you could actually save money – deal with less stress – and put together a remodeling plan that fits your budgets, needs, and dreams.

You can be your own general contractor and we can help you accomplish those goals. Call us at (612) 327-4686 to find out how Owner-Built Construction Management Services can work for you.


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Choosing which direction you want to go for your basement remodeling project is the first BIG decision and we can help you with this. Owner-Built will walk you through every step of your project to make sure you 100% happy with the final product.