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Additions/2nd Story Additions & Attic Renovations

It’s a common problem for many homeowners. They like their existing home and neighborhood but could use a little more space. If you can’t add a new room or build a main floor addition, consider moving upward by adding a second story addition to your existing property. You can stay in the neighborhood you like and you still gain the additional space you desire.

Adding a second story provides you with unlimited options.

It could include that extra bedroom, home office, home theater, fitness/workout room or game room you covet. What’s more, adding a second story can give you an opportunity to modernize a new portion of your home and create one of the many endless design options and styles that you can create with this new space. Want new hardwood floors, big windows overlooking the neighborhood, or maybe some theatre-style lighting? The options – and designs – are limitless.

How can you plan for a second story addition?

Consult the professionals at Owner-Built Construction Management Services.  We can show you exactly how to manage your home improvement project from start to finish. We provide you with the expert resources and access to the Minnesota contractors, architects, builders and remodelers that will help you from start to finish.

Not only are second story additions a nice way to improve your home, but an attic renovation can also be a great way to create room through an already existing structure. Attic’s aren’t just for storage, nor do they have to be cold, dark, dreary – and unused living space. According to a 2010 survey by the Home Improvement Research Institute one in five respondents indicated they planned to finish their existing home attic in the short-term future. By consulting with Owner-Built, we can help you turn that unused space into a new, modern living space. We can help you decide the best plan for your space. Do you want to add new windows to enjoy your new views? Should you replace the existing pipe or ducts? Does electrical need to be rerouted? What type of stairs do I need to build? We have all those answers and more.

Owner-Built MN, Be Your Own Contractor on Your Home addition, 2nd Story addition or Attic renovation.

Whether it’s a second story addition or an attic remodel or renovation, the professionals at Owner-Built can help you make a smart, cost-effective decision. Call the expert Minnesota home remodeler Consultants at Owner-Built at (612) 327-4686 today to find out how we can help you achieve your home improvement goals.