Remodeling Consultants Bloomington MN

Remodeling Consultants Bloomington MN

Thinking about Remodeling?

If you are interested in Home Remodeling in Bloomington MN then you probably understand that it’s easy to go over budget and spend too much on your home improvement project.  Indeed, it can be, especially if you make rookie mistakes.  However, if you do the project right, you’ll be able to save money on hefty project management fees.  Which could save up to 25% in total expenses!

Our Streamlined Be Your Own Contractor System

The difference between good and bad remodeling is in the professional know-how, and expertise. We’ll provide you with professional-level advice on how to approach your project, whether it is a kitchen remodeling, complete home renovation or just bathroom or basement spruce up.
A streamlined system such as the one offered by us, can help you to focus, organize, and oversee the process. When you’re in charge, you can find lower prices, make smarter decisions and, most importantly, avoid costly mistakes.

We Help With Prequalified Subcontractors

Quality subcontractors are a must and you can tap into our network of high quality professional subs. As a client, and upon your request, we will recommend the best match for you

With our network, you can expect that they will offer competitive prices (without the typical GC mark-ups and margins), professional communication, comfortable timelines and complete satisfaction. In fact, all of the subcontractors we work with are pre-screened and proven. We’ll also help you maximize your budget on materials and labor!
You can count on us to help you, from the beginning, through the planning stages, all the way to project completion. We’ll offer you assistance in designing your space, creating blueprints, outlining the construction process and managing your budget. We’ll even assist you with building permits or bidding. You can reach us anytime at (612) 327-4686 so why not give us a call?

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