Remodeling consultants Chanhassen MN

Remodeling consultants Chanhassen MN

The Best Resource for Remodeling Work in Chanhassen

Are you ready to start planning your remodeling project in Chanhassen, MN?  Before you make any rash action, it’s time to think seriously about project management fees.  They can be huge, especially if you don’t shop around.  Here is another idea, remodel your home yourself!

Yes, a hands-on approach allows you total control and perhaps even massive savings, if you approach the task correctly.  “There’s the problem!” you’re probably thinking.  You have to know what you’re doing before embarking upon a home renovation project.  Yes, this is true, but that doesn’t mean you have to hire a contractor for three times the material and labor price.  You can oversee the project yourself, provided you get the information you’re missing.  This is where Owner-Built Construction Management Services comes in.

You can save money taking a DIY approach even if you are planning:

A kitchen remodeling
A bathroom renovation
A complete home renovation
A second or third story
A new basement or attic
An outdoor feature

or dozens of other features!

The streamlined system of knowledge that we offer gives you all of the vital information you need from the beginning until the very end.  You are guided through the process so that you will avoid making costly errors and time-delaying judgments.

One of the best advantages to using us is the fact that it recommends subcontractors to you, eliminating much of your search time.  Owner-Built actually offers prequalified remodeling experts who adhere to high standards of customer satisfaction, guarantees, professionalism and below market prices.  The consultation you get will also help you understand how to go about bidding and hiring a subcontractor to work for you.

You don’t have to hire a contractor, nor do you have to work yourself to death!  You can simply approach the project logically and with an organized plan and save lots of money.


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