Remodeling Consultants Hopkins MN

Remodeling Consultants Hopkins MN

Quality Remodeling Specialists

Yes, you can remodel your home and become the contractor you’ve always wanted to be! You can remodel your Hopkins home, save on project management expenses and create practically any design at a lower price than professional contractors charge. How is this possible? All you need is a consultant or project manager that can help you and that’s where Owner-Built Construction Management Services comes in.

Save Money by Doing It Yourself

You can save thousands of dollars (up to 25% or more off standard contractor rates)  if you are doing any of the following:

Kitchen Remodel
Complete Expansions
Adding on Floors
Attic remodel
Basement finishing
Exterior Features
And many more!

What we do is to provide you with the expertise you need to handle your own remodeling project. You can save money and still do a quality job if you have smarts, and that’s something Owner Built can help you with. Our free initial consultations focus on, first, understanding your goals and objectives, providing frank and honest feedback and introducing/explaining how the typical Owner-Built assisted project would flow with your project in mind. Minneapolis residents can save plenty and still build the home or remodeling project of their dreams.

Finding Qualified Help

The company doesn’t merely provide advice—they also give recommendations. There are prequalified subcontractors that the company can set you up with, and these professionals are all prescreened, prequalified, and proven to do top notch work. While you may wish to handle some building processes yourself, you will need some quality subcontractors to perform some difficult task. However, that doesn’t mean you need to hire a contractor to cover the whole operation.
You can save time and money when you get consulting help from Owner-Built in Minneapolis and St. Paul communities. You can contact the company through an online form or by calling the directly at 612-327-4686.

Owner-Built Construction your #1 Hopkins, MN Remodeler – (612) 327-4686!

Kitchen, Bathroom, Additions, 3-4 Season Porches and more.