Remodeling Consultants and Project Managers

Remodeling Consultants and Project Managers

Home Remodeling Specialists

For the best construction management services and remodeling MN has to offer, Owner-Built is a recognized name for top-quality service and expertise.  We are committed to helping you become your very own general contractor.  You can learn how to plan the budget and time frame of your remodeling Minnesota project with our streamlined process.  You will also be able to effectively control the different stages of the construction process using our management tools.

When it comes to remodeling MN houses, clients need to juggle several considerations.  Whether you want a simple new look for your home or you need to renovate because of storm damage, remodeling your home is never an easy task. The following are some of the most common goals we help our clients with:

  • Additional Space – Sometimes, people perform remodeling MN projects to add floor space for their family.  This often includes eliminating unnecessary fireplaces and streamlining countertops, cabinets and others.
  • Style Makeover – Clients often come to us for help when they want to modernize their kitchens, decks, patios or basements and make them more visually appealing.  This often includes helping our clients get new, safe and reliable materials with prices that won’t hurt their budget.
  • Increase Home Value – If selling a house is part of a client’s future plans, our home remodeling Minnesota services can raise the house’s market value.  A remodeled house attracts more prospective buyers, therefore increasing the chances of a sale.

MN Home Remodel

Owner-Built has helped numerous remodeling Minnesota homeowners in restoring houses to their original architectural styles.  We also have experience in projects that require a total design makeover, both internally and externally.

Whatever your reason for a remodeling MN project, Owner-Built can help you map out your gameplan and maximize your budget to achieve the results you want. You can rely on our expert guidance all the way through to project completion.


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