Remodeling Consultants Minnetonka MN

Remodeling Consultants Minnetonka MN

Help for Home Remodeling Projects!

Why wait on someone else to remodel your Minnetonka Home? You can take the initiative and become your own general contractor! This means you can exercise more control over the remodeling project, plan the budget, and best of all avoid unnecessary fees. This hands-on approach is cost-effective and much easier than you think.

Save on Remodeling Expenses by Taking a New Approach

You can save on home expansion projects, basement or attic remodeling and even adding a second story to the house. All you need is professional guidance, such as the services offered by Owner-Built Construction Management Services. After your consultation you will have all the information you need to approach a contracting project with the same know-how and confidence as a contractor. You can save up to 25% of costs by being the general contractor.
The key is our professional guidance. You won’t make the same amateur mistakes that so many first-time contractors make. Minnetonka residents can avoid these errors and thus approach a project with more strategy and proper perspective.

Our Subcontractors are Prequalified

When it comes time to hire subcontractors, Owner-Built provides you with excellent recommendations for your Minnetonka remodel. All subcontractors are prequalified and prescreened. All of these professionals understand the importance of honesty, professionalism and are sensitive to timelines.

You can receive a consultation from Owner-Built at any point in time, whether you have started on your project, are in the design phase or if you have a blueprint. Our coaching and instruction lasts until the very end of the project, so you will always have proper guidance. Contact Owner-Built now at their 24-7 phone line at (612) 327-4686 or fill out the contact form online! Yes, you can save big by becoming your own contractor!

 Owner Built Construction Management Services – (612) 327-4686

The Minnetonka, MN Home remodeling experts specialize in Kitchen remodel, Bathroom remodel, Basement finishing and more.