Remodeling Consultants New Hope MN

Remodeling Consultants New Hope MN

New Solution for Remodeling

If you are serious about doing a New Hope remodel then it’s time to get serious about saving money.  You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to a remodeling contractor.  You can handle the expenses yourself!  Why not be more hands-on?  Why not save money if you could?

We’ll Help You Take Control and Save Money!

The Owner-Built system lets you do it yourself, but lays out a complete plan of action, one that will be of tremendous help to someone who has never overseen a remodeling project.  Whether you want to add another story, add or improve a basement, redo an attic or a complete kitchen overhaul, you will have the ability to manage the project yourself.

What you do need is advice, professional advice, that will help you skip over troublesome issues and amateur mistakes.  This is what Owner-Built does for you.  We have helped thousands of residents in the Minneapolis area to manage their own remodeling projects, regardless of how complicated the scope.  You don’t need to just pass on the obligations; you need professional advice, focus, organization and connections.

Prequalified Subcontractors Make All the Difference

You can count on Owner-Built to provide you with these valuable resources.  We can connect you with prequalified subcontractors who are skilled, insured and very trustworthy.  You can expect to find competitive pricing, subcontractors with respect to timelines and affordable prices on your building materials.

We can help you at the start of the process, even if you just have an idea, or if you’re stalled at step 1 or 2.  We’ll also provide budgeting assistance, help with building permits, hiring and scheduling help and other issues that may come up.  Contact the us at  (612) 345-9634 twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week for a no-obligation introduction!


The Smart Remodeling solution for homeowners.